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My golf goal is to shoot a 69. I have been working on my swing over the last 2-3 years, with somewhat successful results. I have lowered my handicap from around an 9-10 to about a 4. I have gone through a swing change, or swing changes that have helped with me lowering my handicap.

Up until the 2013 season I have used original Ping Eye irons. They were (are) great clubs. I still use them for a few rounds a year. They are near and dear to me since they were purchased by my grandfather and I used them for about 15 years. The only problem with them was they were blue dot and had the original shafts still in them (33 years old and had some serious wear marks). I am only 5′ 8″ and the blue dot was a little too upright for me. I hit what I would call 15 yard draws with them, really probably hooks, but I was very consistent with them. Draws with my irons turned into draws with my woods and I have basically never been able to move the ball in any other direction than left.

In 2013 I became adamant that I needed to hit a straight ball or at least occasionally move the ball to the right. That year my game suffered, I was all over the place and frustrated. In August of that year I purchased a set Adams forged irons and didn’t quite hook the ball as much and I was playing pretty good near the end of the season. The clubs were cheap and I never really liked the stigma of playing Adams clubs (I know, how vain!), but they performed well. I have tried to get them out of the bag ever since and finally this week I have decided to just stick with them. My handicap is at it’s lowest ever, I hit them a mile, and I’m comfortable with where my miss will be. Still can’t hit them to the right though, I wonder if that’s a swing issue 🙂

Overall I am decent off the tee. Not very long (and I will periodically go over stats, including my baseline stats) and I tend to miss to the left. Fairway wood game is a mess and I would abandon them completely, but I try to get as many eagles as I can as an honor to my grandpa (I bring the balls to his grave). My irons are decent, I hit mostly short irons into greens, our course is only 6300 yards. Chipping is OK and putting has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years.


Driver: 247
7W: 211
5I: 196
6I: 180
7I: 166
8I: 166
9I: 152
PW: 139
51: 124
55: 111
58: 90
64: 79
GIR : 61%
FIR: 44%
Miss Left: 35%
Miss Right: 21%


I will give a report out probably weekly and give some stats for the round to see how I progress as well as what I am working on swing-wise.