Another Round with the Legacy Blacks

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I played another round with the Legacy Blacks. Played pretty well with them. I gained back most of my distance. They are playing about 1 club short which is acceptable for the accuracy increase. The 5 iron is more like 1.5 clubs short so it leaves me a little exposed at the top end of my bag. I might need to take out the 7 wood and put in a 4 or 5 iron to give me enough coverage from about 185 – 225. Haven’t decided if I will use them in my league yet, but two rounds in the 30’s is nothing to sniff at for me this year with how I have been playing.

Trying Something New

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In the never-ending challenge to get the Adams out of my bag (WHY!!!) I came across some Callaway Legacy Blacks. They are great looking and great feeling when flushed, but I can’t hit them very far at all. They seem to be about 20-25 yards shorter than the Adams.

First hole. I had about 130 to the pin and I hit a PW. Came up about 10 yards short.

Second hole, I was going to layup so I got to see how far I could hit a 5 iron. Normally I can get it out there near 200 yards.. Today.. 175, but it wasn’t a solid strike.

Third hole, I was 160 yards out and I tried an 8 iron. Normally between an 8 and 9. Still came up about 10 yards short of the green and about 15-20 short of the pin.

This went on all round. I was chipping magnificently and I shot a 38 with a 3 putt. I hit 4/9 greens eventually. My favorite part about the irons is that I can hit them poorly and they go just as far as when I hit them well (maybe all of my swings are poor?). They are also arrow straight. I am probably going to give them a go for another round to see if I can handle the distance loss and then back to the Adams.

The Tides Have Turned

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I have played a lot of golf in the last week or so. Probably too much golf, but the tides have turned in my season. I made a putter change, from my Seemore to an old Ping Anser. It was more of a mental thing as I traditionally don’t like that style of putter and it doesn’t feel nearly as nice, but I will use it until it stops working and probably go back to the Seemore.

My last round was a 39, with 3 putts missed inside of 5 feet. Now I know what you are saying. I wasn’t putting that well. Well you are correct and incorrect at the same time. I was really struggling with the Seemore to even get myself to that 3-5 foot distance on my lag putts and I really only have about 60 holes in with the Ping. 2 of the putts were completely my fault. Our greens are running fast and I am trying to lag in a breaking 5 footer. I need to put a little more pace on the short putts. Not worried about the putting.

Approach shots are still an issue. I am able to get my wedges to fly just fine, but anything from about 130 and further out has been an issue with both distance control and accuracy. I would like to get that working a little better and I think I will be just fine.

Driving is the best it has ever been. I am hitting it long and straight. Very much in control of where I put the ball. Off the tee I have been working on eliminating half the course. I can pick which side I want to eliminate which is the first time… in ever since I have been able to do that.

Chipping is mediocre. Sort of relapsed a little. Not overly concerned but I could be a little better.


Last Arccos score:

DR: +4.3!!! (6/7 FIR)
AP: 15.6
CH: 1.4
PU: 6.8

Frustrating Play

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The last two weeks of league play have been horrendous. A 46 and a 43. I never shoot either of those. 2 weeks ago I was spraying it everywhere off the tee and my irons were terrible. It just wasn’t a good round. I was hoping it was an anomaly. Then last week I shot a 43. First swing OB, second under a tree. That led to a triple. 1 triple and 2 doubles later… a 43. So I took some time off. I’ve really only played about 5 rounds in the last 14 days. I made a mental note while playing in a scramble to stop fighting my game. I wrote about how I wasn’t going to switch irons (and I haven’t yet!) and now I am going to go back to what got me here. A draw off the tee. It’s a serviceable swing. I really only need a fade one 1 hole. I will just work on hitting one off that one tee and play my normal flight for the rest of the round.

I also made some progress with my irons. I have to start with a slightly open face and then I hit this slight push. Very very manageable. It might go a few yards shorter, but I don’t mind. I should get a round in tomorrow before my match, so I will shake the rust off and see if I can put together some decent holes. I shot a 40 last night…. 7 pars (2 putt pars!), 2 doubles. I would be happy with a 38 this week and then I will work down from there.