The last two weeks of league play have been horrendous. A 46 and a 43. I never shoot either of those. 2 weeks ago I was spraying it everywhere off the tee and my irons were terrible. It just wasn’t a good round. I was hoping it was an anomaly. Then last week I shot a 43. First swing OB, second under a tree. That led to a triple. 1 triple and 2 doubles later… a 43. So I took some time off. I’ve really only played about 5 rounds in the last 14 days. I made a mental note while playing in a scramble to stop fighting my game. I wrote about how I wasn’t going to switch irons (and I haven’t yet!) and now I am going to go back to what got me here. A draw off the tee. It’s a serviceable swing. I really only need a fade one 1 hole. I will just work on hitting one off that one tee and play my normal flight for the rest of the round.

I also made some progress with my irons. I have to start with a slightly open face and then I hit this slight push. Very very manageable. It might go a few yards shorter, but I don’t mind. I should get a round in tomorrow before my match, so I will shake the rust off and see if I can put together some decent holes. I shot a 40 last night…. 7 pars (2 putt pars!), 2 doubles. I would be happy with a 38 this week and then I will work down from there.