I have played a lot of golf in the last week or so. Probably too much golf, but the tides have turned in my season. I made a putter change, from my Seemore to an old Ping Anser. It was more of a mental thing as I traditionally don’t like that style of putter and it doesn’t feel nearly as nice, but I will use it until it stops working and probably go back to the Seemore.

My last round was a 39, with 3 putts missed inside of 5 feet. Now I know what you are saying. I wasn’t putting that well. Well you are correct and incorrect at the same time. I was really struggling with the Seemore to even get myself to that 3-5 foot distance on my lag putts and I really only have about 60 holes in with the Ping. 2 of the putts were completely my fault. Our greens are running fast and I am trying to lag in a breaking 5 footer. I need to put a little more pace on the short putts. Not worried about the putting.

Approach shots are still an issue. I am able to get my wedges to fly just fine, but anything from about 130 and further out has been an issue with both distance control and accuracy. I would like to get that working a little better and I think I will be just fine.

Driving is the best it has ever been. I am hitting it long and straight. Very much in control of where I put the ball. Off the tee I have been working on eliminating half the course. I can pick which side I want to eliminate which is the first time… in ever since I have been able to do that.

Chipping is mediocre. Sort of relapsed a little. Not overly concerned but I could be a little better.


Last Arccos score:

DR: +4.3!!! (6/7 FIR)
AP: 15.6
CH: 1.4
PU: 6.8