In the never-ending challenge to get the Adams out of my bag (WHY!!!) I came across some Callaway Legacy Blacks. They are great looking and great feeling when flushed, but I can’t hit them very far at all. They seem to be about 20-25 yards shorter than the Adams.

First hole. I had about 130 to the pin and I hit a PW. Came up about 10 yards short.

Second hole, I was going to layup so I got to see how far I could hit a 5 iron. Normally I can get it out there near 200 yards.. Today.. 175, but it wasn’t a solid strike.

Third hole, I was 160 yards out and I tried an 8 iron. Normally between an 8 and 9. Still came up about 10 yards short of the green and about 15-20 short of the pin.

This went on all round. I was chipping magnificently and I shot a 38 with a 3 putt. I hit 4/9 greens eventually. My favorite part about the irons is that I can hit them poorly and they go just as far as when I hit them well (maybe all of my swings are poor?). They are also arrow straight. I am probably going to give them a go for another round to see if I can handle the distance loss and then back to the Adams.