Legacy Blacks: A few weeks in

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I have been playing with the Legacy Blacks for a few weeks and I have been playing pretty decently. Giving up on distance used to be an issue for me, but once I got past that my play really improved. I don’t need to hit a 7 iron a specific yardage, I know I can hit it 165-170 if I swing hard, and I can hit it 150 if I just want to smooth one out there. Both shots have their place and more often than not I will pull a club based on some other factors. Where is the better miss? Will it stop if I hit it the perfect yardage? Have my full shots been accurate today? I have been questioning a few things and then swinging accordingly. It has helped with my approach shots, I also realized that it doesn’t matter what club gets you there, just as long as you can put a confident swing on the ball and do it repeatedly.

I also added a hybrid to my bag. I never liked hybrids but I really needed to fill that 185-210 gap. Ping Anser 23 degree in Regular (!) fits the bill perfectly. Like it off a tee, out of the rough, from the fairway. Perfect fit so far. I however do not have a club other than driver to hit off the tee on shorter par 4’s. If I need a club to go straight from the tee. I have the hybrid or a driver. The Baffler goes left off of the teebox. Not really sure why. From the fairway its fine. I must be swinging harder. I’ll work on that.

I also have abandoned the Seemore for the old Ping Anser putter. It is just more accurate for me from inside 10 feet. I can’t make too many long ones with it, but maybe that will come with time.