Well, it’s been a few weeks since I have last checked in. My game has been coming along ver very nicely. I have a new move with the irons (still Legacy Blacks) that has gotten me back my yardage. My numbers are about normal—PW is about 140 and then gaps about 10 yards down to the 5 at 190. Right before I start my swing I shift my weight and hands about 2-3 inches to the right. It helps me get a better weight transfer and I think a few more MPH out of the swing speed. Launch is much higher as I normally trap the ball. So far so good, accuracy is pretty good.

I have put 2 new drivers in the bag. I had a bunch of shafts from my G30 laying around, so I found a cheap G LS Tec head for sale and have tried it out. It’s not bad, but nothing really any better than the Cobra. The other driver is the XR Long Drive head. It’s a 6.5 degree head and I put my Project X LZ Blue(?) 60 in it. Has a nice fade to it, and I can eliminate the left side of the course. Shot some amazing rounds with it so far. Not any longer than the Cobra or Ping… just different. I will be bagging it this week, keeping the Ping close of course. I have a few more shafts to try in the Ping.

I think I am going to drop a wedge….. maybe 2. I chip and pitch exclusively with the 58. The 55 and 51 get used sparingly.. 51 more so than the 55. I think I am going to drop the 55 (and 51 for that matter,) and put my old Ping 52 in the bag. I get better turf interaction and I have really started to pull the Cobras. I don’t mind them as the distance control is spot on. Also I rarely use the 64. It has a spot in my bag, when I need, I really need it, but I just don’t use it. Not even 1 per 18. Why take a spot in my bag for that. I will probably put a 3 wood in temporarily to see if I can use it. I’d like to have a driver that goes to the right, and a 3wood goes left or vice-versa.

Club championship is 3 weeks away, and I have shot under par multiple times in the last few rounds. I shouldn’t be tinkering, but I’d like to have the most options available. Things are looking good.