It was a good year for me golf-wise. Club Champion when I didn’t think that was a possibility. Some takeaways from this past year:


My putting turned out to be phenomenal. I have a very unconventional putting grip (I will get some pictures up over the winter). Think of Phil Mickelson’s claw grip, but instead of putting left-handed, I use it right-handed. It is left-hand low (cross-handed) with my left hand not even gripping the putter. I basically just use the left hand as a guide and have my index running up the grip. There is a significant gap between my hands, again I will have to put up some pictures. Well this putting grip (style?) has transformed my game. I am much more consistent and confident in what I can do on the greens.


I am confident in my irons, I have made the jump 100% to the Legacy Blacks. They are more forgiving on the toe side which has been my miss. I just have to work on my distance control a little bit. I occasionally still catch some a little heavy with my swing plane, but overall we are talking 10-15% short. Not a chunk. Again, my miss is still a pull.


I like my 58 and 64 a lot. I haven’t found a 50-52 that I am really sold on yet. The Trusty Rusty does just fine. Mostly just working on accuracy with these.


I carry a 3 wood, a 2 hybrid (Cobra Baffler, I don’t know what else to call it, a 4 wood?) and a 21 hybrid (3 iron replacement). They don’t get much use. The 21 is a great club for me. Very confident in what in can do. The 3 wood isn’t bad but its not a go to club when I need it. Baffler is great from the rough and the fairway, but a struggle off the tee. Just need to work up some confidence in it. My driver is probably the most important club in my bag. I was better with it, but not great. I was able to change my shot shape over the year and the Ping G is a very stable and forgiving driver. I will probably keep it in the bag for the foreseeable future.


Things to work on next year

  • iron accuracy
  • driver accuracy
  • gaining some distance off the tee

Things I’m happy with

  • putting
  • chipping
  • wedge shots