Currently this is what I am playing. It changes semi-often and I will try to be specific.


Ping G LS Tec w/ Bimatrix or Tour Green (set to 8) 44.5″
Nearly identical to the Cobra. Maybe a hair longer and a hair more forgiving.

Out of the bag

Cobra Bio-Cell Pro w/ Diamana D+ Stiff (set to 7.5F) 45″
It gives me a low launch, and apparently low spin. Either way, it is the longest, straightest and most consistent driver I have ever hit.

Callaway XR LD w/ Project X LZ Blue 60 (set to 7.5D) 45″
Hit a fade with it. Goes very high, but about the same distance as the Cobra.


Taylormade M2 15 w/ Fujikura 60

Cobra Baffler F6 w/ stock Matrix Red Tie Stiff (set to 16) 42.25″

I use this as a 3 wood primarily and it is plenty long. I play it .5″ long from stock. Actually put the 7 wood shaft in this. Great from the fairway, mediocre from the tee.

Out of the bag

Ping Anser hybrid 17 w/ stock TFC 800 Regular
Put this in the bag after the 23 worked so well. Love it, not the greatest out of the rough.

Ping Anser hybrid 23 w/ stock TFC 800 Regular
Don’t get along with hybrids but this one has been working out when I have the Legacy Blacks in the bag.


Cobra King F6 7-8 w/ Aldila Tour Green XS (set to 21.5) 41.25″(?) OUT OF THE BAG

This gives me a low launch 7 wood, and possibly I might swap the shafts. It flies a little too low for me, but I prefer the lower launch on my 7 wood than the Baffler.


Callaway Legacy Black w/ GD Tour-AD 85 S
These are some great feeling irons. They are very accurate and easy to hit.

Out of the bag

Adams A12 Pro w/ KBS Tour Regular (110g) 5-PW
I have tried to replace these many times and many times I have failed. They are very long and pretty consistent. Stock length/lie/loft.



Callaway MD PM Grind with KBS Wedge (58,64)
Best wedges for around the green. I use the 58 on full shots and most chipping situations. The 64 is great for flops and full shots where long can be an issue.

Cobra Trusty Rusty w/ DG S200 (black shaft) 51,55
Great wedges. They don’t fly very high which I prefer for most wedge shots. Cover a good distance gap of 80-115. Prefer to use the 51 around 105-110 and the 55 around 90-100.

Out of the bag

Ping Tour 52 w/ unknown shaft
Trying to gap as best as I can between the 58 and PW. Deciding on this or the Cobra. Unsure of if the 55 will stay in the bag.


Ping Anser circa late 70’s early 80’s 34″
Ugly old ping with a sightline on the top. Hate to look at it…. but it makes putts.

Out of the bag

Seemore FGP SS 34″

Great feeling putter and it was my gamer until I missed a lot of short putts one day. Switched to the Ping and it hasn’t gotten another shot. I imagine that I will switch back to it at a later date.